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Welcome to ITHET 2019

Objectives: The convergence of current technologies provides the infrastructure for transmitting and storing information faster and cheaper. For information to be used in gaining knowledge, however, environments for collecting, storing, disseminating, sharing and constructing knowledge are needed. Such environments, knowledge media, brings together telecommunication, computer and networking technologies, learning theories and cognitive sciences to form meaningful environments that provides for a variety of learner needs. ITHET 2019 will continue with the traditional themes of previous events. However, the next ITHET will have “Studio” based learning as its special theme. We define “Studio” based learning as a progression from “Content” based, and then to “Enquiry” based, and then to “Studio” based learning. In the first, we the teachers choose both the questions and answers that students should know. In the second, we choose the questions and the students find the answers. In the “Studio” approach the students must discover the questions for themselves and also find the answers to those questions. It is hoped that this will enable students to articulate their knowledge and skills into capability.


Topics: The scope of the conference will cover but not be limited to:

Curriculum: Curricula for key global technical challenges
Pervasive: Higher education as it is changing with the advent of pervasive information technology.
Virtual: Virtual laboratories, classroom, universities
Delivery: Changing delivery patterns and asynchronous learning.
Quality: Quality management and accreditation issues in technology-rich environments.
Studio: Studio based learning

Roles: Changes in the roles and relationships of learners and teachers in technology-mediated environments.
Innovation: Innovative uses of technology for teaching and learning within higher education and training.
Assessment: The impact of technology on assessment practices in higher education, with particular interest in support for self- and peer-learning and evaluation, and the challenge of plagiarism and cheating.

Co-located Events: The workshops IEETel 2019 and PRASAE 2019 will be co-located with this conference. More information will soon be available at our website.


26-27 September 2019
18th International Conference on
Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training
Magdeburg, Germany