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Venue & Local Info

About Olhão

    Olhão has a long history as an important fishing village at the heart of Ria Formosa Natural Park with its long golden, undisturbed, and peaceful beaches. Additionally, Olhão is often credited as having the best seafood and fish dishes in the Algarve. The following links present additonal information about Olhão and Ria Formosa:

Travel Info

Olhão is located 15 km from Faro airport (17 minutes by car or taxi), 202km from Seville Airport (2h5m by car), and 283km from Lisbon airport (2h40m by car).

The taxi fare from Faro Airport to Olhão is around 25 €.

Participant can make a reservation using the following websites:



https://city-airport-taxis.com/airporttransfers/city/Faro-taxi?source=google&medium=cpc&utm_campaign=66575790&q=taxi faro airport&adgroupid=5495148990&match=p&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp_iJ7Yrm1wIV 9zLTCh3OkQZfEAAYAyAAEgIu4fD_BwE

There are bus connections from Lisbon to Olhão

Olhão can also be reached by train from Lisbon, but catching two trains : one from Lisboa - Oriente to Faro; and one from Faro to Olhão.

The main transport related spots can be found on the ITHET 2018 google map, which is being updated.


26-28 April 2018
17th International Conference on
Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training
Olhao, Algarve, Portugal